Saturday, October 02, 2004

What's coming up in the next release

Here is a list of what will be addressed in the next release of JED, QC.

Tentatively known as Alpha 3.1
Tentative release date early October 2004

Fix List

* Fix bug where you couldn't do an Advanced search on Project and Category Type.
* fix hints on Rating boxes when viewing a report
* make sure sysop menu is available if allowed when after starting in offline mode
* make sure grid settings are loaded when a search is done
* sometimes the clipboard cannot be accessed. This is only relevant if you have clipboard monitoring
ON. This is not the default setting. If the clipboard can't be accessed. Don't allow the user to
see the message.
* Shutdown screen not showing in the sceen centre of a multiple monitor system

New Features
* Keep displaying login dialog until the user either gets the password correct, or clicks cancel,
previously the app would shutdown when an incorrect login was detected.
* Make sure a lagging QC server can't stop JED, QC from terminating nicely.
* Change login prompt from Username to Email Address
* If EMail Address is known, then set the Password edit as the default control on the login form
* Add default checkbox on the grid properties of the Newest Reports tab. If a grid doesn't have
a specific Grid Properties saved for it, the grid will display with the same column info as the
Newest Reports tab.
* add UseShortDescriptionAsHint option. Off by default. This controls whether the short description
of the currently loaded Report is set to be the hint for the entire report tab.
* Revamp the Reports Tab context menu
* Export menu item added to the search results tab
* Add ability to copy the RAID Number to clipboard of the currently viewed report.


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