Wednesday, December 21, 2005

D2006: Some of my Delphi 2006 examples

You can download some Delphi 2006 applications that I've written from the following code central url.

Note that some are duplicated as some were done for Delphi 2006 and Delphi 2005. The first 4 items in the grid are for Delphi 2006.

Popup Message Notifier- Simple implementation of the Outlook notification dialog. This new version is themes aware and drops a number of caption properties that were present in previous versions. Definite enhancement over the previous version and used within JED, QC.

Runs Compact Framework Application- This is a Compact Framework application that will run on the Compact Framework. Creating this application is what drove me to create Compact Framework Build Helper as working with the Compact Framework and the IDE drove me nuts. I actually wrote the initial version in C# and visual studio before porting and completing it with Delphi. Needs some work (I should really use a dataset instead of a generic XML file) but what you can download is about 1/6 of what it will become. Yes they are my running shoes in the splash screen - size 15!

TFlowPanel Demo Application
- Don't worry about downloading this one. It is already on your system (if you have Delphi 2006 installed).

Bookmark Viewer- Update to my Bookmark viewer from Delphi 2005. Includes support for the C++Builder personality now. I have plans for some significant changes for this add in but apparently you can't lease anymore time in a day.


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