Thursday, February 15, 2007

JSDialog - Live Templates

The registered version of TJSDialog currently ships with four Live Templates. The templates are for MessageDlg and TaskDialog wrapper function calls.

There are four because each wrapper function has a template that displays a preview of how the dialog will look at runtime once you have typed in the template. The preview functionality is provided by a custom Template Engine which can be installed using the JEDSoftwareInstall ( application.

Lets see the functionality in action. A short video demonstrating the functionality is available from the following URL:

Some more Live Templates are scheduled, as well as improvements to the custom Template Engine.

You can download the TJSDialog here:
Purchase the registered version and get the Live Template functionality (plus more) here:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eheh... I asked for this video in another post and here it is after all! :)

Just one question: is it possible to redisplay the preview after making some changes to the code?


4:50 AM  

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