Wednesday, January 23, 2008

QC Plus: Blah, blah

In case you haven't noticed, I changed my mind about releasing an update on the weekend. Mostly this is because I had other things that were more important but also because I wanted to check out some memory issues and do a few more minor fixes.

One thing I had to do before resolving any memory issues (using FastMM4) was to fix this VCL bug.

Report No: 31683 (RAID: 244036) Status: Open
ActionManager Memory issue with FastMM4 installed

Which I managed to do. Probably not the most elegant of fixes, but it works and now I can get the full FastMM4 report readout.

As for when I will release the next update, well I changing my strategy for that question.

"When I feel it is ready" :-)

PS: Feel free to send any crash reports you get. I read them (and often respond to them) so don't think you are wasting your time.

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