Tuesday, October 02, 2007

JSDialog - Check these out

An update for TJSDialog should be available tomorrow. Here are a couple of dialogs you can create using TJSDialog the you can't with the native Vista API.

The native API doesn't even support a header section, let alone a header section with a gradient background.

The native API supports radiobuttons. TJSDialog supports radiobuttons and given the powerful nature of TJSDialog, it can also support checkboxes inplace of the radiobuttons. An extra component is even included so you don't have to handle the required events. All the work is done for you.

The commandlink control used in TJSDialog is more advanced than the default Vista implementation. You can assign an additional picture (such as what is displayed on the Copy file dialog) as well as assign the additional picture or glyph from a specific image list.

There are a number of other additional features in TJSDialog that isn't included when you use the native API, apart from the fact that TJSDialog works under Win2000 and WinXP (and should also work under Win95 and Win98).

The code for TJSDialog compiles in every Delphi version from Delphi 5 through to RAD Studio 2007 (except Delphi 8).

Custom Controls
With TJSDialog you can even use other vendors controls to keep a consistent look and feel for your entire application, including the dialogs. This means that if you use one of the custom Raize or Developer Express styles, you can replace the default Buttons on TJSDialog with a button from one of these vendors and not have your dialogs look totally different from your application.

Don't like the TJSDialog progress bar implementation, replace it with a thirdparty one.

TJSDialog is extremely powerful, it is just waiting for you to unlock it. It is so powerful that you will find that many custom forms in your projects can be removed and replaced with TJSDialog components. I have done this several times in projects of my own.

Component Editor
TJSDialog ships with a comprehensive component editor that offers preview functionality. This way it is easy to experiment with properties and easily check how the dialog will look.

You can visit the TJSDialog website for further information.

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