Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Laptop is dying :-(

Imagine my surprise when I went back to my laptop on saturday to see the screen filled with colour vertical lines.

Hmm, that is strange. So I shut it down, unfortunately my laptop doesn't shutdown by itself anymore (which is generally why I stand by it). So I have to hold down the on button for a couple of seconds to force shutdown.

Started it back up and a couple of coloured vertical lines appeared in the XP loadup screen. Hmmm. Eventually the login screen appeared and I did. However about 2 mins into the login process the screen started flashing on and off. Not good at all. I switched it off and didn't turn it on again until sunday morning.

No coloured lines and no screen flashing. I login and copy some of my files to my desktop for backup purposes. Unfortunately I get sidetracked for a couple of hours and go back to the machine and lovely coloured lines and flashing again.

Turn it off (have to go out anyway). Same thing happened monday morning, so hopefully I can get a clean login when I get home and get the rest of the stuff off I want. I'm going to hook up an external LCD tonight as well because this will let me know if it is a video card issue or a screen issue. I suspect it is a video card issue.

I need a new laptop anyway (this one would be almost 5 years old now), just wanted to hold out for a couple of months. Oh well.

So if you were expecting a reply to an email, or a new version of something - this is why you haven't heard from me yet. It has also set me back a couple of days in development time.

I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Now I get the fun decision of which Dell to get as a replacement...



Blogger Fernando Madruga said...

My "condolences"... :)

Of course, it's for a better cause: getting a new one. As for the fault, I'd probably point more in the line of cable fault, i.e., the cable connecting the motherboard with the display. Especially if, in some positions of the LCD, you actually get a clean or less weird display.

Anyway, I'm glad you already have a good brand to stick with! I've used my D810 for a couple years now and I don't regret every single euro spent!

Advice: if you haven't, invest on a docking station! You won't believe how on earth you could have worked without one until you start using one! There's nothing like a click of a button, pick up the laptop, put it in the bag and ready to go. No cables to unplug, PSUs, mouse (I keep a 2nd mouse on my bag!): I find it *very* convenient!

7:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had the same with my Dell notebook after 5 or so years of heavy usage including daily relocation. It started by blue vertical lines that would perhaps disappear after twisting the TFT. Over the months they became more and suddenly, it was every second vertical line that was blue. Since I'm really fond of this 1600x1200 TFT, and there isn't any replacement notebook with this resolution in sight, I decided to get a replacement TFT mounted for something like 400USD, at my home. They wouldn't let me do it myself at a reduced price. They come and do it on site. Guess what. The new TFT is already having a single blue vertical line. This tells me I should better have saved the money on a new one. I have a warranty of a year on the display, and hope it will survive it ..

2:01 AM  

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