Thursday, April 05, 2007

JED, QC: The final post

When the new version of my QualityCentral client is released it will not be called JED, QC.

The name has been changed to QC Plus (QCP, QC+). I was eagar to remove JED from the title and the name was selected from many put forward by some of my more vocal users. There was a version that some folks had that was called "Name Me"!

QC Plus has many new features and bug fixes. I've written a couple of new articles about these features and these will be available either before, or as soon as QC Plus is available to download.

Special thanks to Levi from CleverIcons, who not only donated the splash image and icon for QC Plus but took my "pen on paper" sketch of an image and made it look very good.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is very nice. Congratulations on the new splash screen and company logo recently implemented. Very nice professional look.

7:43 AM  

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