Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Spacely - It's non-breaking (mostly) and some DBExpress Info

Spacely is a non interface breaking release with BDS2006. What this means is if you have DCUs for components, you shouldn't need the source code to use them in Spacely. The same is true for packages and also IDE add ins. Some add ins may not work correctly because of implementation changes but they should install without issue. If they don't work - be sure to contact your vendor!

I said mostly because Spacely ships with a new version of DBExpress (DBExpress4). Some of the DBExpress units have had interface changes, for example DbXpress.pas has been deprecated, SqlExpr.pas has changed and DBXCommon and some others are new.

The source to the DBExpress4 framework and to the drivers written in object pascal (or is it Delphi) will ship. The source to the old C++ drivers still won't be delivered.

DBExpress4 also includes Connection Pooling and Tracing driver which are delegate drivers written in object pascal. You get the source to those as well.

For more information on DBExpress4, it's best to go and read Steve Shaughnessy's CodeGear blog:

To show how non-breaking the Spacely release is, here is the current beta of Visual Forms (compiled in BDS2006) and running in Spacely.

Visual Forms is a form thumbnail IDE add in for Delphi 6 through Delphi 2007. Expect Version 1.3 to strangely be released around the time Delphi 2007 is released (which I honestly don't know when that will be - so don't ask!).

For more information on Visual Forms visit www.jed-software.com/vf.htm.


Blogger Thomas said...

Hi Jeremy,

any News on Release of Visual Forms 1.3 ?

7:23 AM  
Blogger JED said...

I just have to update the help file and it is done.

It will be released this weekend, perhaps even today.

10:53 AM  

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