Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Delphi 2005 stuff on Code Central

Some Code Central submissions from me

* IDE Addin to view your Bookmarks
Allows you to view bookmarks that you have set for the current file in the IDE. Bookmarks are now persisted between IDE sessions for a file. Can be docked and saved in desktop layouts.

* Message Notifier Component
Simple implementation of the now popular notification dialog. Not exactly full of features. Works in VCL.NET and Win32 with a demo application that shows that shared source might just be possible.

* Export a dataset to Excel using managed Office Assemblies
How to export a dataset to an excel spreadsheet using the Microsoft Office managed assemblies. This is a WinForms application and works with Office XP. Won't work with office 2000 and I haven't tried it with Office 2003. Be on the lookout, late binding examples may follow...

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