Tuesday, May 24, 2005

DCM: Enabling Quality Insight for Delphi 2005

If you are running a Win32 based configuration, chances are you do not have Quality Insight enabled.

To enable Quality Insight load up your configuration in Delphi Configuration Manager and make sure the package exceptiondiag90.bpl is selected. Make sure you save the configuration.

Now if the IDE gives you an error, you will get the opportunity to send an error report to QualityCentral about the error. I encourage any users that are getting errors to submit their reports (you can do so anonymously if you like). The Quality Insight reports submitted prior to Update 3 helped the Borland engineers fix a bug in Update 3.

Once your report has been added, you can view them using a QualityCentral client. Naturally I recommend JED, QC available from www.jed-software.com.


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