Tuesday, March 22, 2005

QC IDE Edition Video

Well I have finally had some time to do some QualityCentral client work. While the IDE Edition of JED, QC really hasn't had much added to it since christmas, not many have seen it in action.

There are two videos included in the download, one shows the Delphi 2005 IDE Integration and the other displays the current build of the JED, QC client (short one showing the report was really added into QC with everything attached - PUN intended [watch the video]).

The download is around 5.5 meg. The video was shot at approximately 1024x768 resolution. Note that I finally got a domain name I could live with and registered it. Currently it just has a parking index page but this is where the file download is stored. Website will launch in a week or so.

Download videos

Updates to the DCM support page coming up before the weekend...


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