Thursday, January 20, 2005

DCM Version 2 Priority Change!

Just though I'd make a quick post to let people know that I've spoken to the Project Manager, QA Department and Development Team Leader and they have all agreed to make Version 2 of Delphi Configuration Manager the number one priority (which is a shame because the JED, QC stuff I was working was cool).

It also helps that all of the above people are myself

Coming in version 2.0 of Delphi Configuration Manager

  1. [Major] Allow Component Packages to be setup with particular configurations
  2. [Minor] Import / Export of configs in XML and REG formats
  3. [Bug] Fix to bug where running a Delphi config causes DCM to wait until Delphi has been closed (this is already fixed)
  4. [Bug] Issue with spaces in configuration names (fixed)
  5. [Major] Copy current IDE settings to the new configuration (allowing certain keys to be confirmed prior to copying).
  6. [Minor] Check for new version (time permitting)
  7. [Minor] Keep DCM registry settings under one key. Thanks to Ralf for the tip.
  8. [Minor] Tighten up the naming of new configurations
  9. [Minor] Use InstallAware for the installation

Anyone that has emailed me about Delphi Configuration Manager will also get an email to confirm the new release.

Will there be a beta? I'm not sure yet.

If people have suggestions for functionality - don't hesitate to drop me a line.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope to see this tool working for Delphi 7, since I don't have a need to move to 2005. I think you will find that a majority of us Win32 only delphi developers are staying on D7, so supporting this version would expand your audience quite considerably.

1:33 PM  
Blogger JED said...

The tool does support Delphi 7 now. It actually supports D6, D7, C#Builder 1.0, Delphi 8 and Delphi 2005.

However for the current release of DCM it isn't overly useful for previous versions. With Version 2.0 - it will be very useful for older Delphi versions.

1:41 PM  

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