Thursday, December 16, 2004

Did You Know #2: Clipboard Monitor

Q) What is the clipboard monitor for?
A) The clipboard monitor is notified when new text is copied to your clipboard. It then scans that text for some criteria to determine if a QC report number could be contained in the information. If it thinks it is a report number, the number is listed in the clipboard monitor's list. You can then double click on the report number to open that report.

I created the clipboard monitor because when I was searching through newsgroup, I didn't want to have to stop every couple of messages to lookup a report. This way, I can read the newsgroups at my leisure, copy report numbers to the clipboard and then access then using JED, QC when I am ready. You can also customise what text the monitor checks to determine if the text that is on the clipboard, could contain a report number.

Clipboard Viewer Buttons (from Left):

Activation button - by default the clipboard monitor is not active. Press this button to activate the monitor (it will stay in the down position). This is persisted between JED, QC sessions

Clear - clear the monitor list

Options - An options dialog that allows you to add extra text strings to check for report numbers. Most common ones are already included by default.

Hope you find this functionality as useful as I do.


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