Monday, October 24, 2005

CFBuild: Video - WebServices

Here is the video showing CFBuild help maintain two copies of the one application that connects to a couple of webservices.

The demo shows an application first connect to a Barnes and Nobile webservice to retrieve US Pricing information for a particular ISBN, then the application connects to a currency conversion webservice and converts the US price to the currency of your choice.

This video also shows how to use the InputPanel framework class and also make use of one of the class helper functions.

Download the video: CF06_WebServices (2.8meg)
Download the project source: WebServices Source (37K includes compact framework exe)
    To compile the source make sure you have ClassHelpers support activated.

When running on PocketPC there is a bug... Can you find it? I'm not sure if it is my bug or a preview compiler issue. The error doesn't happen when using the desktop framework version.


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