Thursday, September 22, 2005

Release Candidate available for JED, QC - QualityCentral Win32 client

A Release Candidate for JED, QC is now available.

If you downloaded an earlier version make sure you check out the updated version. Numerous (thousands of) changes have occurred since the last official release.

I would like to acknowledge the hard work of the guys that were willing to beta test this release for me. Some testers even received multiple builds in a quick succession trying to iron out bugs. Without them what I am releasing today would never have happened. I thank them for their efforts and also for the motivation they gave me to getting this far.

Thanks guys (I won't embarrass anyone by naming names).

You can download the release candidate from my website at

Be sure to check out the Help file. Not everything is documented but it is a work in progress and we all know how much fun it is writing help.

Comments, suggestions and bug reports (yeah there are still a couple) are most welcome. Email address available from the website or within the documentation in the download.



PS: Something I forgot to mention in the readme is that if you run with the US English translations please let me know if I have missed any translations. Thanks.


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