Friday, September 16, 2005

Accelerator Keys not working for your TActionMainMenuBar?

JED, QC has had a long standing bug in it (not sure if it is in the released Alpha) where you couldn't select the menu using accelerator keys. Pressing ALT would highlight the menu correctly, but pressing ALT+F wouldn't display the File menu.

Well the good news is that I finally got around to looking into this problem last night. I can claim this one was all my fault but I'm not sure I want to accept 100% responsibility for it! Seems that at one stage I set the TActionMainMenuBar CaptionOptions property to coNone. Which really doesn't make sense for a TActionMainMenuBar. Interestingly, this option obviously isn't honoured as the menu items show their captions, just the accelerator checking code isn't so forgiving!

Glad to say it's fixed now and I almost fell out of my chair when I saw how easy it was to rectify - I thought it was going to be a nightmare problem to track down!


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