Wednesday, June 29, 2005

DCM: 2.1 beta available

The latest version Delphi Configuration Manager is now available. It is version 2.1 and is currently a public beta.

Why a beta? Simply because I am actually in europe for 6 weeks on holidays and will be unable to respond to queries as promptly as I would like to. This also means that the there is automated installation (there are instructions in the download) and the documentation is yet to be updated.

More information about the release is available from

Expect a formal 2.1 release middle to late august. There is also time for any bugs found to be fixed. No major GUI changes will be done in the 2.x release of DCM though.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why does'nt DCM update the packages list according to the settings used in D2005. For some reason when I open the packages list in DCM to see the list of installed components, it list some packages with old paths, this results in the saved personality not running, or running with errors for some packages. Loading the full D2005 works fine ? That is D2005 loads the correct packages from the correct places.

11:12 PM  
Blogger JED said...


Please send me an email and I'll try and work out what is going wrong for you.

There are 2 things you could try:
1. Executing the Verify Configurations menu item on the tools menu
2. Shutting down DCM and deleting all of the XML files from the DCM folder EXCEPT base.xml, options.xml and filters.xml.

I would be very interested in knowing how the configurations got in this state though.


5:51 PM  

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