Thursday, June 02, 2005

DCM and the latest DevExpress Update

Developer Express has just released an update to their excellent VCL and VCL.NET components. Unfortunately the destination for the compiled packages has changed from the previous update and Delphi Configuration Manager doesn't cope too well with this (actually quite badly).

As I am just preparing the DCM update I am asking if any DevExpress users want to help in testing the update (I use DevExpress in the day job, but don't have access at home) please send me an email (address in the about box). Give me a day or so to get a solution written as well .

If you have already been using the beta release because of the Castalia issue, you will need to get this new beta as the Castalia update only has two lines of source code changed. The DCM update has several more .

Want a workaround that works for today... (it's not good).

1. Run DCM with the -refresh command line option (once)
2. Delete your configuration
3. Recreate your configuration

If you don't want to lose your settings then you have 2 choices, hold off from updating your DevExpress components, or email me for more specific steps.

I like that fact that all packages are now located in the one folder though. Hopefully other component vendors will follow.



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