Sunday, February 12, 2006

DCM: Version 3 UI Feedback requested

As most are aware BDS 2006 introduces a new "personality" loading capability. It is this capability that has kept me from updating Delphi Configuration Manager to properly support 2006 (Well that, and the lack of donations...).

While I don't think the "personality" loading was implemented as well as it could have been by Borland I am going to support it in the next version of DCM. Doing so means that DCM requires a user interface change and a number of code changes.

I've been adding the support today and have taken screenshots of 3 possible user interfaces to represent a loaded BDS 2006 configuration.

Take a look and feel free to comment. All would require further refinement but hopefully the functionality is obvious (if it isn't let me know about that as well).

Personality specific packages are loaded under the Packages key. Packages that are not personality specific load as a child to the Package node, otherwise the package is loaded as a child of that personality. The Personality Filter combo box would allow you to just display a specific personality to modify.

Personality specific packages are loaded in another tree next to the Assemblies and Package listings. The Personality Filter combo box would allow you to just display a specific personality to modify in the Personality tree. The filter would not effect the tree in the left pane.

Similar to the second item except the personality view is displayed using a different widget which allows you to enable/disable actual personalities. This functionality would be available in the previous views also except it would be in the Menu or on the Toolbar.

Also expect to see the package description without having to select a package. It has been a common request that I will be implementing - just haven't gotten around to it yet.

As usual you can contact me directly or leave a comment.


Anonymous Robert Meek said...

Jeremy, The current screenshots look very good and are quite simple to follow, so the only thing I would think you might need to add, especially for those who haven't used previous versions, is perhaps a little more explanation in the help file OR a wizard like memo that allows one to pop up that kind of info as required depending upon the screen he or she is on. I remember having a difficult time understand what and more importantly why things were done as they were in the first two releases.
Also, please know that as soon as I am able, I will donate to the cause because your work is more than worth it. I can only tell you that I haven't yet because I haven't been able to locate a paying tele-commuting job in over six-months myself! Keep the faith!

12:53 AM  
Anonymous Tom said...

Hi !

The screenshots look cool !

When would it be available ?

A good thing would be to bundle a list of minimal packages for each kind of use : for example a list of minimal packages to work with Delphi Win32 only.



12:17 AM  

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