Thursday, October 27, 2005

JED, QC: Pickup and modify screenshots from clipboard

Here is a preview of a new piece of functionality coming to JED, QC in the next release.

It allows you to automatically add a bitmap from the clipboard to your New Report. You can also make simple annotations to this bitmap to highlight particular items in the bitmap that might be of interest to others rating, voting and opening your report.

Everyone knows it is boring doing bug fixes all the time so I decided to add some new functionality. Well I say I decided, but this is actually based on a suggestion from Daniel Wischnewski.

While the grabbing of an image from the clipboard is not new functionality (it is actually hidden from the JED, QC standalone client) the ability to make simple modifications to the image is (new).

Here is a sample screenshot of the image (Note: Nothing is final yet).

A brief description of toolbar items:

Arrow - deselect drawing tool
Pen - freehand drawing
Text - write text to be displayed on the image
Ellipse - add an ellipse to image
Pen Width - set the width of the pen (used for pen and ellipse tool)
Pen Colour - set the colour of the pen (used for pen and ellipse tool)
Font - select a font to use when using the Text tool
Undo - reset changes made to image
Close - close the dialog and make sure changes are used


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