Wednesday, February 22, 2006

D2006: Disabling Breakpoints quickly

I always found it very frustrating when disabling a breakpoint required me to right click on the breakpoint, navigate a context menu that really wasn't a context menu but an everything plus some breakpoint specific items. It was cumbersome and inefficient. I disliked it so much I requested a change in the form of a QualityCentral report.

In Delphi 2006 this request was addressed. It was implemented using the Ctrl key instead of the Shift key, but that isn't important. You can now disable breakpoints without having to invoke that horrid context menu.

Report No: 10468 ( RAID: 219303 ) Status: Closed
Shift clicking on an active breakpoint should disable it

This report is about the horrid context menu contents:

Report No: 25363 ( RAID: 205492 ) Status: Open
The breakpoints context menu has irrelevant items on it.

You might be aware that the breakpoint window got some improvements in Delphi 2005 as well by adding a checkbox next to the breakpoint for quickly enabling and disabling breakpoints. The problem with this is that it takes time to work out where the breakpoint you are currently looking at is in the list to disable it. I created a QualityCentral report for this also:

Report No: 11862 ( RAID: 221907 ) Status: Open
Breakpoint view should sync with selected breakpoint

Here are a couple of other breakpoint specific reports that I've made.

Report No: 15395 ( RAID: 238643 ) Status: Open
Breakpoint view should allow me to select several breakpoints and then add them all to a specific group

Report No: 15394 ( RAID: 46571 ) Status: Open
Breakpoint View should support multiple selection

Report No: 10484 ( RAID: 222329 ) Status: Open
The breakpoint view needs to have a column to show that line of code the breakpoint is on.

Report No: 25364 ( RAID: 205494 ) Status: Open
Add additional context menu items when clicking on a breakpoint.

Feel free to Rate/Vote on these items if you feel they could improve your productivity in a future Delphi release.


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