Friday, March 03, 2006

D2005: Closing the IDE code editor tabs with a click of your Middle Mouse button

I was looking for a particular project on my system last night while preparing the CFBuild D2006 release and noticed a directory called MiddleClickClose.

I was suddenly reminded of a little IDE Add in I wrote to make the IDE support closing of the Code Editor tabs by using the Middle mouse button click. Apparently because FireFox does it, everyone else should.

Well in D2006 it has this behaviour by default. So this download (with full source) is for the D2005 users out there that like clicking on the Middle Mouse Button to close your tabs.

Install Instructions:

  1. Download the zip file (
  2. Extract the contents to a known location
  3. Start Delphi 2005
  4. Load the MiddleClickClose90.bdsproj project
  5. Right click on the project in the Project Manager and select Install
  6. Job done - you can now Middle Click to close tabs

Source has comments. Be sure to read the comment in the Register procedure.

As noted above, this is for Delphi 2005 only. It isn't necessary for Delphi 2006 anyway.



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