Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Visual Forms - Now Available

As of April 25, 2006 Visual Forms is available for purchase.

Visual Forms:

Currently the only purchase option is via PayPal however I am in the process of setting up a Share-It! account so you can also purchase using Share-It! if you prefer. This could be about a week away and I will announce when it is ready on my blog.

There will be some videos forthcoming that shows Visual Forms in action if you are unsure of whether to take the plunge.

Registered users will have access to priority support as well as any beta's of products I am currently working on.

Currently only BDS2006 is supported however as older IDE versions become available they will be included (for the product version you have purchased).

Where is the trial!
Currently there isn't a trial that can be downloaded. If I get sufficient requests for a trial I may consider creating one although this may impact on the end price. I don't want to have to do that though.

Hopefully the available information will allow developers to make a decision without the need for a trial.

NB. If you previously donated for either Compact Framework Build Helper or Delphi Configuration Manager (prior to April 24 2006) - if you haven't received an email from me before May, please contact me.


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Daniel Wischnewski has posted a review of your Visual Forms Expert.


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