Sunday, July 16, 2006

JED, QC: Notification Defaults

Support for Notification Defaults will be in the next JED, QC client release. Just trying to squash some more bugs before releasing it.

The new notification system does make an option JED, QC has had for a long time though. This is the option to add the New Report you are creating to your watch list. This option appears on the summary page when adding a new report.

This option is not affected by the Notification changes and will still continue to function.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Visual Forms - Delphi 6 Support added

Delphi 6 support is now available for Visual Forms. For more information on Visual Forms, visit the website -

JED, QC: Finding an appropriate area for your Report

One feature JED, QC adds is trying to make it easier to place your report in the correct project area. You can do this in the new report wizard by entering in the first couple of characters (3 is needed to activate the filtering process) for a possible area match.

You can then either select the area you feel is most appropriate for your report, or enter in a new string.