Sunday, December 09, 2007

New Host - Site5

This morning I changed hosts to a company called Site5.

They offer a very good value plan with many features. If you sign up before Christmas you also get a discount on the already competitive price.

If you are thinking about updating your host, then consider Site5.

Banner, 120x60px

My previous plan only allowed for 50 meg of disk space. With Site5 I now get 750GB of disk space.

Expect a few more videos in the future!

Now this is an Informative Dialog!

I just installed 3rdRail. Went to create a new project and it asked for Registration.

Which is fine. I input the info and click the Register button.

... unfortunately the registration servers are down. After 4 more attempts I decide to instead click Cancel.

So I clicked Cancel and got some popup dialog with some text explaining something I wasn't interested in. Then this dialog displayed.

What would you do if you were presented with a dialog like this?

Oh and I tried to click on the Finish button, but it didn't do anything.