Wednesday, March 30, 2005

DCM: Support Page Update

Just a quick note to let you know that the Delphi Configuration Manager support page has been updated with a couple of items.

  1. Castalia user related (also mentioned here).
  2. A crash that might occur when the conversion dialog is displayed in a Win32 only configuration.

Also most pages for Delphi Configuration Manager have been updated to an interim page style for the new website.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Delphi-Tage Kassel 2005

If your attending this conference in Germany on April 2 (EventCentral link), be sure to check out 2 of my offerings on the included CD. I think there will be 3 items on it, 2 of them are not available anywhere else yet though!

Be sure to checkout the communities behind this conference as well.

Delphi-Source, der Delphi-Treff

A couple of pictures...

Welcome installation screen for the new JED, QC - Win32 Client

The extra warning at the bottom of the dialog really isn't necessary. The version is actually extremely stable, just still needs a little more functionality added before it'll be repackaged and called version 1.

Welcome installation screen for the new JED, QC - IDE Edition

Please note: is still not active yet. I'll be sure to post here when it is worthy of your attention.

DCM: Attention Castalia Users

If you are currently using Delphi Configuration Manager 2 and have Castalia installed, send me an email if you'd like to try out an update to Delphi Configuration Manager to allow Castalia to be installed in your created configurations.

Email is in the about box.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

QC IDE Edition Video

Well I have finally had some time to do some QualityCentral client work. While the IDE Edition of JED, QC really hasn't had much added to it since christmas, not many have seen it in action.

There are two videos included in the download, one shows the Delphi 2005 IDE Integration and the other displays the current build of the JED, QC client (short one showing the report was really added into QC with everything attached - PUN intended [watch the video]).

The download is around 5.5 meg. The video was shot at approximately 1024x768 resolution. Note that I finally got a domain name I could live with and registered it. Currently it just has a parking index page but this is where the file download is stored. Website will launch in a week or so.

Download videos

Updates to the DCM support page coming up before the weekend...

Friday, March 11, 2005

DCM: Version 2 Released!

Delphi Configuration Manager is now available.

More details are available at:

All items mentioned in an earlier post have been implemented.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

DCM: Very close to release now

I have uploaded a version of the Delphi Configuration Manager Help File that will ship with the new version. While I have already made changes to it since I uploaded it, they are only minor ones.

Version 2 is very close now. A day or two max!

Feel free to download the help file and have a read (and let me know if you find any mistakes!)

Monday, March 07, 2005

Awesome Monitor Setup

A user of my IDE Bookmark Viewer for Delphi 2005 sent me an email a couple of weeks ago. He mentioned that the options dialog didn't show up correctly in the middle of his screens.

I am always jealous of my fellow developers that have a dual monitor setup; while I have 2 monitors on my home desk, one is a CRT and another is my laptop screen. I tried to setup a dual monitor config on my laptop but the eye strain was too much.

Anyway he sent along a screenshot of his Display Properties dialog so I could better help diagnose the problem.

I immediately found out what the problem was... He had a setup like this and I didn't!
He was kind enough to forward on some extra information about the actual setup (although he didn't answer my request for a duplicate setup so I could try and reproduce the problem has was having!).

1. 28" Sony W900 (1920x1200) (on a GeForce4 ti 4600)
2, 3, 5. Dells (1280x1024)
4. Dell 2001FP (1600x1200)
Screens 2-5 are controlled by a single Matrox G450 Quad MMS (PCI)

Oh and the issue with the Bookmark Viewer addin should be address in an upload this week. Once DCM Version 2 is released I'll release the latest Bookmark Viewer version. It has a couple of other enhancements as well.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

DCM: Version 2 screenshots

Delphi Configuration Manager Version 2 is currently undergoing beta testing and is progressing nicely.

I have added some screenshots of some new functionality for this version. They are available from the Delphi Configuration Manager website. (Also note the second news item!)