Monday, October 31, 2005

CFBuild: Build and Run buttons disabled when reopening project?

I have received a number of emails mentioning that the Build and Run buttons are disabled when you reopen a Compact Framework project. Unfortunately this is a bug in the current release (which is fixed in the next version).

To workaround this bug, perform the following steps:
  1. Load project
  2. Right click on the project in the Project Manager and select the "Compact Framework Project Options" menu item
  3. A dialog will display with a checkbox on it. Check the checkbox and click OK
  4. Build and Run buttons should now enable correctly

A new version is just about ready to be released that addresses this issue.

If you have any requests or bugs you have come across I suggest you send me an email about them real soon.

CFBuild: New Version of MakeCFCompatible now available

I got a message from Chee Wee Chua today saying that he has updated the MakeCFCompatible download on Code Central. The change made was to automatically delete the "resources" line from the project file when the compiler complains about it.

What this means is that you should now be able to create a new Compact Framework application, modify the form and run without you needing to modify any files.

I'm unable to test the new version myself because I am currently away from home with limited internet access (none on my PC) but don't let that stop you!

Download the new version from CodeCentral.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

JED, QC: Pickup and modify screenshots from clipboard

Here is a preview of a new piece of functionality coming to JED, QC in the next release.

It allows you to automatically add a bitmap from the clipboard to your New Report. You can also make simple annotations to this bitmap to highlight particular items in the bitmap that might be of interest to others rating, voting and opening your report.

Everyone knows it is boring doing bug fixes all the time so I decided to add some new functionality. Well I say I decided, but this is actually based on a suggestion from Daniel Wischnewski.

While the grabbing of an image from the clipboard is not new functionality (it is actually hidden from the JED, QC standalone client) the ability to make simple modifications to the image is (new).

Here is a sample screenshot of the image (Note: Nothing is final yet).

A brief description of toolbar items:

Arrow - deselect drawing tool
Pen - freehand drawing
Text - write text to be displayed on the image
Ellipse - add an ellipse to image
Pen Width - set the width of the pen (used for pen and ellipse tool)
Pen Colour - set the colour of the pen (used for pen and ellipse tool)
Font - select a font to use when using the Text tool
Undo - reset changes made to image
Close - close the dialog and make sure changes are used

Monday, October 24, 2005

CFBuild: Video - WebServices

Here is the video showing CFBuild help maintain two copies of the one application that connects to a couple of webservices.

The demo shows an application first connect to a Barnes and Nobile webservice to retrieve US Pricing information for a particular ISBN, then the application connects to a currency conversion webservice and converts the US price to the currency of your choice.

This video also shows how to use the InputPanel framework class and also make use of one of the class helper functions.

Download the video: CF06_WebServices (2.8meg)
Download the project source: WebServices Source (37K includes compact framework exe)
    To compile the source make sure you have ClassHelpers support activated.

When running on PocketPC there is a bug... Can you find it? I'm not sure if it is my bug or a preview compiler issue. The error doesn't happen when using the desktop framework version.

Friday, October 21, 2005

CFBuild: Video - Using MakeCFCompatible.dll

Just a quick video that carries on from the ClassHelpersIntro video. It shows the same application but instead of using ClassHelpers it enables the Auto Fix option which uses the MakeCFCompatible.dll.

Video shows how to easily enable/disable some of the Compiler Options that can be set.

Have a look: MakeCFCompatible Video (700k)

This video is pretty short and also uses timed dialogs.

Next video will be on WebServices. Should be up before this time tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

CFBuild: ClassHelpers Video

Not sure what role ClassHelpers would play in the Compact Framework Build Helper integration? Be sure to check out this MUST SEE video. Not only will it show you the benefit of ClassHelpers, it shows how to combat some errors you might see along the way.

This is probably the best video yet to see so far. Don't worry that we have peaked too early - there is better planned!

Download this video (2.1 meg)

I cannot take the credit for the Class Helpers library. The Class Helpers were written by Jeroen Pluimers from Oosterkamp -

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

CFBuild: Public Beta - AVAILABLE NOW

Hi all,

A beta version of Compact Framework Build Helper for Delphi 2005 is now available for download. Be sure to read the included documentation thoroughly, but if you get stuck on anything don't hesitate to contact me. My email is available on my website at

Why a Public Beta?
I want to make some more videos of functionality and I am not 100% happy with the feature set for a version 1 release. That being said, I also don't think holding it back more is a good idea.

Download the beta from (1.2 meg).

Be sure to keep checking out my blog for more news on CFBH and other projects. Also there will be another video posted today on ClassHelpers - you wont want to miss out on that one!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

CFBuild: The original video

This video really hasn't been made public. It is of a very early version of the integration. From the other videos posted you can see how things have changed a little. (1.1MB)

This video shows the compilation of an application to target both the Desktop .NET Framework and the Compact Framework. Running the compiled application in an emulator and using the About gallery item. Note that the gallery layout in this video is old and has been changed.

A good way to find last minute annoyances with a product is to create video demos. This however should not delay the release. I'm sure it will be the 13th in some timezone for a number of hours yet!

CFBuild: 3 Sample Videos

Compact Framework Build Helper for Delphi 2005 Sample Videos

3 Videos are available to download.

1. Environment Setup (416KB)
2. Creating Emulators (1636KB)
3. More Setup and Integration features (450KB)

Stay tuned, more videos to come.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

JED, QC: Message of the Day and the Welcome Page

Looks like a couple of messages have been added to the "Message of the Day" facility in QualityCentral. For those that haven't switched off the welcome page yet, you will see the visible delights of a bug with anchored controls when using Frames. Refer to this report for information on that:

Report No: 8423 ( RAID: 229510 ) Status: Open
Anchored controls on inherited frames don't resize when opened in designer

(Click the above link to open the report. If you installed and setup Redirector, it will open the report in JED, QC for you - Video coming up to show that).

Just so the JED, QC users don't feel left out (because of the CF invasion) here is a screenshot for 2 possible ways to represent these messages in the welcome page for a future release.

Either leave a comment here or send me an email with your choice or another possible alternative.

Note: Currently the dates are different but don't worry yourself with that minor detail. The control used at the bottom is one that I have recently created (like today) and it needs considerable polish before release.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Compact Framework Build Helper for Delphi 2005 - Release Date

The Compact Framework build helper for Delphi 2005 looks set for a 13th October release.

I will upload an updated video a little later on today. Stay tuned.