Thursday, January 20, 2005

DCM Version 2 Priority Change!

Just though I'd make a quick post to let people know that I've spoken to the Project Manager, QA Department and Development Team Leader and they have all agreed to make Version 2 of Delphi Configuration Manager the number one priority (which is a shame because the JED, QC stuff I was working was cool).

It also helps that all of the above people are myself

Coming in version 2.0 of Delphi Configuration Manager

  1. [Major] Allow Component Packages to be setup with particular configurations
  2. [Minor] Import / Export of configs in XML and REG formats
  3. [Bug] Fix to bug where running a Delphi config causes DCM to wait until Delphi has been closed (this is already fixed)
  4. [Bug] Issue with spaces in configuration names (fixed)
  5. [Major] Copy current IDE settings to the new configuration (allowing certain keys to be confirmed prior to copying).
  6. [Minor] Check for new version (time permitting)
  7. [Minor] Keep DCM registry settings under one key. Thanks to Ralf for the tip.
  8. [Minor] Tighten up the naming of new configurations
  9. [Minor] Use InstallAware for the installation

Anyone that has emailed me about Delphi Configuration Manager will also get an email to confirm the new release.

Will there be a beta? I'm not sure yet.

If people have suggestions for functionality - don't hesitate to drop me a line.

Friday, January 14, 2005

IDE Integration for Delphi Config Manager

One of the main reasons why Version 1.6 was released was for the IDE Integration.
You can read about this integration in the user guide.

Delphi Configuration Manager - User Guide and then select the Delphi 2005 IDE Add In link.

There are also some screenshots of the IDE Integration loaded.

Currently this integration only works for Delphi 2005, but may be added to previous Delphi versions if requested enough.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Delphi Config Manager: 1.6 Release

Delphi Config Manager 1.6 is now available for download from



1. Extract the zip contents to a new folder

2. Either copy your options.xml file into the new folder or select Tools Manage Configs menu item to add existing configurations to the options.xml file.



1. Extract zip contents over your current version

2. Delete your masterlist.xml file

  • fix AV caused when master list hadn't been recreated when updating from version 1.1 to 1.5 (and over).
  • add GUI to allow entry of new filters
  • include IDE Add in that allows the user to quickly see what configuration the IDE is currently running under, as well as menu access to Creating a new configuration, Editing the current configuration, Cloning the current configuration and just launching the Delphi Configuration Manager client.
  • filter the list of available configurations better when running Manage Config item.
  • rename Manage Configurations... menu item to Manage Configs... to match the consistent use of Config in menu items..
  • add bitmap to Create Short Cut menu item.
  • add menu item and toolbar item to launch Delphi using the currently loaded configuration.
Coming up in the next release
  1. Defining which component packages to install for which configurations
  2. Import / Export of configurations
  3. Copying of user options
  4. A real Install

Friday, January 07, 2005

Config Manager 1.5 Access Violation?

If you are getting an Access Violation when running Config Manager 1.5 after creating a new configuration the masterlist.xml file needs to be regenerated.

Your masterlist.xml must be regenerated for all available Delphi Versions to be picked up correctly.

To regenerate the masterlist.xml file:

1. delete the masterlist.xml while Delphi Configuration manager is not running


2. from the menu - Tools Create Master List...

There will be a new build released within the next 24 hours that addresses this automatically.